Greater Sum Grant Partner Application

The Greater Sum Foundation supports innovation in the nonprofit
sector by providing funding, subject matter expertise, networking,
and professional development opportunities.  We work with young nonprofits created to solve problems in new ways or established nonprofits entering areas of work to do something innovative. Our cohort provides a year-long mentoring and professional development.  The application window for our 2020 Grant Partner Cohort will be Summer 2019.

Our first round application is a straightforward Google Form.  Here's a COPY of last' year’s application that you can download to prepare. The application should not take you more than a few hours.  Finalists will participate in a virtual pitch, which is a more significant time commitment.  You're welcome to view our Pitch Deck Primer video from last year to learn more about the pitch process. 


  • First Round application deadline: August 2019

  • Finalists notified: by October 2019

    • Finalists provided with instructions for creating their pitch deck & scheduling a virtual pitch.

  • Grants awarded: January 2020



Community & Individuals : Full and productive employment; Safe, inclusive, and resilient communities.

Community & Individuals: Full and productive employment; Safe, inclusive, and resilient communities.

Environment : Responsible consumption & production, access to modern energy & sanitation.

Environment: Responsible consumption & production, access to modern energy & sanitation.

Education : Lifelong learning, Inclusive quality education.

Education: Lifelong learning, Inclusive quality education.

Health : Healthier lives for all.

Health: Healthier lives for all.



If you are selected by The Greater Sum, you will receive:

·  A grant for operational* funding in our range of $10-25k

·  A connection to a Greater Sum Subject Matter Expert (SME) who will serve as mentor, sounding board, go-to person, and who can connect you with additional SMEs as needed

·  Virtual and in-person professional development and networking opportunities


Grant recipients will be required to sign written agreements, participate in a project plan and report on plan progress, attend one Greater Sum convening during 2020, and provide an accounting of expenditures.

Questions about the process?  Visit our FAQ.

* The Greater Sum does not invest time or money in attempts to influence legislation by propaganda, or in the direct or indirect participation in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.  We do not engage in activities that would be deemed those of action organization under section 5012(c)(4) of the Code. 

When conducting any activities in foreign countries, we check the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons for names of individuals and entities on the list.  We will ensure that organizational funds are not diverted to support terrorism or other non-charitable activities.  We comply with all United States of America (US) statutes, executive orders, and regulations that restrict or prohibit US persons from engaging in transactions and dealings with designated countries, entities, or individuals, or otherwise engaging in activities, in violation of economic sanctions administered by OFAC.  We will acquire from OFAC the appropriate license and registration when necessary.

During this grant cycle, The Greater Sum is not providing grants to individuals, for-profit companies, or organizations based outside of the US.