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2019 Cohort

We're excited to introduce the five organizations that will receive funding and support services from The Greater Sum Foundation this year.

  • CCChampions

  • Global Minds

  • Growing Change

  • Union Capital Boston

  • Visioneers: World Access for the Blind


CCChampions provides long term social support to bridge the developmental gap between kids with cancer and their peers. They build families’ coping skills, provide normalized developmental experiences, and inspire children to imagine a post-cancer life plan. This year, Greater Sum funding and support will assist CCChampions in their expansion to Cleveland, building a sustainable, replicable model and stepping onto the national stage.

Global Minds

Global Minds is a for-youth, by-youth organization that inspires students to form social bonds, intercultural friendships, and to consider global issues through youth-led extracurricular activities. Their cross-cultural peer support program increases language development, social adjustment, and school engagement. Greater Sum funds will assist their newly-hired Program Director in tracking outcomes, building capacity and growing the program.

Growing Change

Growing Change aims to create a scalable, open-sourced model for reuse of closed prisons. Their vision is to transform closed prisons into sustainable farms, thereby creating opportunities for troubled youth, returning veterans, and the community at large. Through education and positive experiences, the farms will help to build and sustain personal and environmental wellness. They will use Greater Sum funding to add a biochar project to their current retail and agrotourism revenue streams.

Union Capital Boston

Union Capital Boston (UCB) encourages volunteerism and civic engagement in order to build a more resilient and successful community network. UCB members who have volunteered have demonstrated a significant improvement in community engagement and a 46% increase in employment rates. They will use Greater Sum funding to develop a comprehensive report on program impacts and plans for sustainable growth.

Visioneers: World Access for the Blind

Visioneers teaches blind people of all ages to see with sound and promotes the integration of blind persons into community by increasing public awareness about the strengths and capabilities of blind people. Since 2013 the team has trained over 650 blind students and families. They will use Greater Sum funding to develop an international training and credentialing program for instructors.