When you donate to The Greater Sum, we help promising nonprofits to successfully execute their mission.  The organizations who come to The Greater Sum for assistance are doing meaningful, compelling work across the US.  Our services provide an infusion of energy and expansion of network that amplifies their impact.  Your donation will help us provide additional learning opportunities for our nonprofit leaders and SMEs, build our online community, and increase the number of nonprofits we are able to serve.

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Interested in corporate sponsorship or major gifts?  Contact donate@thegreatersum.org 

Reminder: If your company matches employee giving, you may be able to DOUBLE the impact of your donation! Industry research suggests that an estimated $4B in matching gifts go unclaimed per year… mostly because employee’s don’t realize their company matches gifts, or because the process isn’t user-friendly. Email us if you’d like help claiming your matching gift — we’ll figure it out. amy-at-thegreatersum-dot-org