Nonprofit Resources

The Greater Sum's informal motto is "Share What You Know" and here's where our subject matter expert volunteers do just that.  Check back here often for new content, & let us know if you have an idea for an upcoming video chat or article.

Pitch Deck Primer

Creating a "pitch" for funding requires you to look at your work in a new way.  We use a pitch process to select the members of our Nonprofit Cohorts and invite other members of the nonprofit community to consider this method for sharing key points with potential stakeholders.

Zen of Grant writing

In grant writing, as in life, your mindset affects your outcomes. Join Jill Sonke, Director of the Center for the Arts in Medicine, for tips to increase your enjoyment of writing grants.

Fundraising Chat

In June, 2018 we brought together three seasoned development professionals to talk about their work.  Whether you're organizing your development calendar, making your first big ask, or considering a crowdfunding campaign, you'll find their discussion entertaining and informative.

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Human Resources 101

Susie Lemen is a an expert HR professional and in this webinar she shares what every nonprofit should know about human resources.