Subject Matter Expert Office Hours

Greater Sum developed the “Ask an Expert” volunteer program to help nonprofits fill gaps in your knowledge networks. If you had a friend who was an expert in one of the categories below, you’d ask them to help you. If you don’t, you can ask one of our SMEs. Use the form below to schedule a pro bono coaching call.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Grantwriting

  • PR/Marketing

  • Information Technology

  • Financial Planning


  • Indicate the area of expertise you’re looking for.

  • Describe your need in detail so we can make the best possible connection for your organization.

  • Be ready to be flexible in scheduling. Your SME volunteer may have limited availability, or may be in a different time zone.

  • Be respectful of your SME volunteer’s time. Coaching calls are the extent of their availability to volunteer with your organization. They’ll help you understand the scope of a project, and may refer you to resources to help you complete your project, or help you assess your need to pay consultants to get the work done. But don’t ask them to do the work for you. :)

Coaching Call Request Form

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