Share your expertise with nonprofit leaders eager to learn from you. We’ll connect you virtually to exactly the right leadership in need of your help. Apply your own skill-set to make a difference.

Want to share your talent and expertise with a nonprofit mission you can support?  Choose to make either a long-term or short-term commitment to work with a member of The Greater Sum's 2019 nonprofit cohort.

  • Schedule a one-hour phone call with a nonprofit to answer questions about best practices in your industry or discipline.

  • Assist with a short-term project to help a nonprofit execute its mission more effectively.

  • Serve as point-of-contact SME:  Participate in the development of project plans for 2019; engage additional SMEs from the Greater Sum network; track project outcomes.

If you are interested in joining The Greater Sum as a volunteer Subject-Matter Expert (SME), please submit the following information: