Summaries graphic

The Greater Sum is celebrating our second anniversary this week, and we’re kicking off the festivities by opening the virtual doors to two new resources on our website.  Our Nonprofit Resources page has a new blog format and title: SUMMARIES. 

We’re also happy to introduce a “Summoning” page where nonprofits can request microconsulting sessions with our volunteer Subject Matter Experts. So far we’ve got experts in IT, Finance, and PR on board, and we’re happy to make other connections for you as needed -- drop us a line in the Request Form.

A blog, huh.  It feels ambitious and yet antiquated. Will we blog?   Yes and no…

As we work with an ever-expanding network of nonprofits and volunteers, we learn about so many best practices, fresh perspectives, and thought-provoking questions! We’ll share these in a variety of formats here as well as on our recently refreshed social media accounts.  Watch for Instagram stories, Facebook live sessions, and more. When something really good happens on social media we’ll try to capture it here in Summaries.

One final question… Will YOU blog?  If you’d like to see your organization featured, share a best practice, or answer a burning question from your industry, let us know! We’ve got a great blog committee whose members would be happy to work with you to flesh out that idea for a future post.

Welcome to SUMMARIES!